Admission Wristbands

Admission wristbands are the ticket to events and crucial for a fast, smooth entrance. Whether at the festival with thousands of visitors, in the VIP lounge in the club, in the all-inclusive hotel or at a small village festival. You can order wristbands made of Tyvek and vinyl (PVC) and wristbands made of fabric, in various colours, and with different closures. The fabric wristbands are woven in different colours, wristbands made of PVC and Tyvek can be printed individually - with logo, sponsors' logo and much more.

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Vinyl wristbands
€108.89*/Bundle €0.22*/1 Piece
Event wristband
€87.35*/Bundle €0.87*/1 Piece
Sealing pliers for wristbands
Stationary sealing pliers
printed fabric wristbands
€67.90*/Bundle €0.68*/1 Piece
woven fabric wristbands
from €59.50*/Bundle €0.60*/1 Piece
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