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Code of Conduct

The allbuyone GmbH has been THE reliable partner for professional and private event organisers since 2003, offering a diverse range of products for events. The Code of Conduct published here is applies equally to all employees, managers and members of the management board. The term "we" in this Code of Conduct always includes all the aforementioned groups of people within allbuyone GmbH. Our goal is to make organising easier in the long term and to create unforgettable event experiences.

In doing so, we are fully committed to our values:

We demonstrate fairness and tolerance towards all individuals equally.

We work success-oriented and professionally as a team, collaborating with our stakeholders and shareholders.

We take social and ecological responsibility to bring about positive change.

1. Why do we need a Code of Conduct?

As support - for us, for you, for a successful future.

allbuyone GmbH is a growing company in a changeable industry facing new challenges. We embrace these challenges. We look forward to a promising future and aim to set new, even higher standards for ourselves as a company and to firmly establish them. This Code of Conduct applies equally to all of us. Managers, in particular, see themselves in a special role as role models. They provide ethical guidance to their employees and have a responsibility to demand and exemplify integrity.

In addition, the Code of Conduct helps assess and weigh behaviour and decisions in the corporate context. It combines legally compliant actions with ethical values and supports us in making the right decision, even in challenging situations.

2. convention of allbuyone GmbH

A strong foundation.

Teamwork: We foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and support to achieve outstanding results together.

Communication: We are open to all people equally and communicate respectfully and as equals.

Innovation: We encourage our employees and partners to come up with creative ideas, and we continuously strive for alternative and efficient solutions, innovation, and improvement.

Diversity and inclusion: We value and promote the diversity of our employees and create an inclusive working environment where all voices are heard and appreciated.

Quality and service: We prioritize outstanding, proven quality in our products and guarantee excellent service to our customers. Their success is our top priority.

Ethics and integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards and always act sincerely, honestly, and transparently.

Taking responsibility: We stand by our decisions and accept the consequences. We view mistakes as opportunities for new perspectives and approach them constructively and solution oriented.

Employee development: We invest in the professional development of our employees; we foster an inspiring work environment and provide the means to effectively balance one's professional and personal life.

Legal compliance: We consistently make decisions and conduct ourselves in accordance with legal principles, prioritizing compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in every country where we conduct business.

Sustainability: We recognize the potential for improvement in our industry and commit to focusing increasingly on environmental protection and promoting the sustainable use of resources in our business processes and products.

3. team spirit

Openness, solidarity, responsibility.

Our principles and values provide guidance for our daily work. This is characterised by honesty, sincerity, and ethical behaviour in all our business practices. Our focus is on the utmost satisfaction of our customers, excellent service, and goal-oriented solutions. Our team is the driving force behind this. Teamwork and team spirit are our top priorities. Each individual makes their valued contribution to this and acts with personal responsibility. We treat each other with respect and support each other across all departments.

We stand up for each other, support one another, and have each other’s backs. We are a progressive company with outstanding employees and do our very best to keep it that way!

To achieve this, we communicate openly and honestly with each other, seeking direct conversations. We treat each other as equals and always remain objective and fair.

We, as the team at allbuyone GmbH, recognize that we are human beings, not machines, and we consistently strive to give our best. We embrace the opportunity to learn from our mistakes as they contribute to our growth and improvement. Fostering an open feedback culture is essential to us, promoting constructive and direct communication. We see creativity and innovation as a driving force and welcome the pursuit of continuous improvement and the development of new ideas and sustainable solutions.

As allbuyone GmbH team, we take responsibility for our actions and the resulting outcomes. In doing so, we place great emphasis on sustainable behaviour and actions. We take a clear stand for social justice, tolerance, and peace. Our company embraces diversity and inclusivity, valuing the unique individuality of all people equally.

4. partnership & service

Built on communication and confidentiality.

It is very important to us that our clients and business partners receive timely feedback from us. Every enquiry or message is answered within 24 hours. Even if there is no new update, we inform about the current progress and the expected time of the next contact.

Our customers and partners are our most valuable asset. And we protect it. We treat all internal matters, as well as operational and business secrets, with utmost confidentiality—keeping them strictly internal and confidential.

We understand that business meals or small gestures of appreciation on special occasions such as Christmas or company anniversaries can be part of successful business relationships. Provided they do not involve improper favouritism, we consider this to be common, accepted business practice.

IT & Data Security

As a primarily web-based shop, allbuyone processes a vast amount of data in our daily business operations. Therefore, we place the utmost importance on cybersecurity, compliance with data protection regulations, and confidentiality towards third parties. By doing so, we protect the privacy rights of our customers, business partners and employees. The processing of personal data is carried out only when there is a legal basis and a business mandate. Each of us is obligated to handle this data with sensitivity and responsibility.

We exlusively use company software that complies with current data protection standards. The use of external software is only permitted with the approval of an administrator.

Firewalls and other security mechanisms are implemented to prevent unauthorised access to our IT systems and our web shop. Each employee has the responsibility to respect these security measures and to maintain their effectiveness.

5. law & justice

Compliance, integrity and fairness.

We always adhere to applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

Antitrust law

We promote fair competition. Therefore, everyone at allbuyone complies with antitrust laws. We do not engage in any agreements or other arrangements with business partners that impair fair competition - neither in purchasing nor in sales.


We reject all forms of corruption, both domestically and internationally, and avoid any suspicion of using unethical business practices to influence business decisions.

Money laundering

We strongly condemn any form of money laundering and are committed to complying with applicable anti-money laundering laws.

Tax & Customs Law

We strictly comply with applicable tax and customs laws in all countries in which we operate. Our accounting is transparent and accurate, we pay all required taxes, duties, and customs in full and on time. We avoid any illegal tax evasion or customs circumvention practices and work cooperatively with the relevant authorities to ensure the integrity of our tax and customs obligations.

6. Social responsibility

Caring and providing safety

We deeply care about the satisfaction, physical and mental well-being of our employees. Our aim is to create a work environment where they enjoy coming to work. To this end, we adhere to the relevant legal framework conditions and make possible what we can within the framework of our economic efficiency.

allbuyone GmbH acts in accordance with the law and maintains appropriate social and legal standards. We particularly focus on upholding internationally recognized human rights and categorically reject any form of child labour and forced labour. We ensure respectful, dignified treatment of employees. Any form of discrimination against employees and third parties is not tolerated. The company firmly opposes any unacceptable treatment of employees, especially sexual or verbal harassment. We promote equal opportunities and respect the right to freedom of association. We promote the compatibility of family and work, care about the health and safety of our employees in the workplace and guarantee fair wages and social benefits. We expect the same from our business partners.

Occupational safety

At our company locations, we ensure that the necessary measures for occupational health and safety are observed, aiming to prevent occupational accidents and work-related physical and mental illnesses. Each employee is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and takes the protection of health seriously, including in mobile and home office settings.

7. sustainability

Rethinking, innovation, taking responsibility.

In our own interest and in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030, we take responsibility - economically, ecologically, and socially - for a secure, dignified and liveable future. In doing so, we strive to keep the impact of our work on people and nature as low as possible and to preserve the basis of life in the long term. We expect the same from our business partners.

We minimize our energy and water consumption and promote conscious and sustainable use of resources. We strive to use sustainable raw materials as far as possible, to make long, costly transport routes more efficient and to initiate and promote material and economic cycles.

Our goal is to operate in a resource-efficient manner, avoid emissions and waste, and have a positive impact on our environment.

We welcome praise and are open to constructive criticism. If you have any suggestions or improvement proposals that will bring us closer to our goal, please feel free to contact us at

8. compliance

Building trust and communicating with trust.

We are an ethical company with high moral and ethical standards. We as a team follow these guidelines and support each other in doing so. This Code of Conduct provides the necessary guidance to make the right decisions - with impeccable business integrity and without jeopardizing our reputation. e strive to shine through actions rather than empty promises, and we understand that the fear of making mistakes can sometimes be greater than the courage to act. That is why we advocate active communication within the team and encourage everyone to communicate openly and transparently. The rule is: if you have any questions, ask!

However, we recognize that complex situations may arise in our daily operations where our Code of Conduct may not provide immediate answers. In such cases, we expect these challenges to be addressed individually, considering our ethical, moral, and legal principles.

For this reason, we encourage all employees of allbuyone GmbH to reach out to their supervisors or contact

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