Protective Cable Cover

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Kabelbrücke befahrbar geschlossener Deckel 3 Kanäle
Kabelbrücke befahrbar offener Deckel 3 Kanäle
Kabelbrücke befahrbar 3 Kabelkanäle Unterseite
Kabelbrücke befahrbar 3 Kabelkanäle mit Kabel
Kabelbrücke befahrbar 3 Kabelkanäle mit Auto Ausschnitt
Kabelbrücke befahrbar mit 3 Kanäle und Verbindungszapfen
Kabelbrücke befahrbar 3 Kabelkanäle Detail
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Article number: 2011044 • Weight: 19,50 kg/Stück
No. of Slots: 3 channels
Type: straight segment
Load Capacity: 5 t

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The protective cable cover is a low-cost and yet robust cable duct made of highly resilient hard rubber. The floor-mounted trunking is available in two versions: As a trafficable cable bridge which offers 5 cable channels (á 35 mm width x 30 mm height) to protect your cables, wires and hoses and as a 3-channel cable bridge with 50 mm width and 45 mm height each. On the outside, the rubber cable bridge with a polyethene lid has the following dimensions: 50 cm and 91 cm, or 95 cm incl. connector (width x length). As protection against tripping, the cable protectors are only 5 or 7 cm high.

The load capacity of the cable cover in both versions is a maximum axe load of 5 t and is therefore primarily suitable for passenger car traffic and can be driven over by corresponding trucks. The material of the cable bridge is not suitable for heavy traffic.

The connection system with tongue and groove connectors ensures quick and easy installation. The cable covers are visible in black and yellow. The drive-over cable protection safely stows cables, wires and hoses and protects pedestrians from tripping hazards. The deadweight of 14.5 kg or 19.5 kg in the 3-channel version ensures that the floor-mounted duct lies securely on the ground.

You can order the protective cable cover in the allbuyone shop at a very favourable price, with low shipping costs and competent consultation. Our large selection offers many other cable bridges including the brand Defender, Cableguard, Ranger, Yellow Jacket. For example, one of them is the 5 channel cable cover for heavy loads as well as the cable bridge with 3 channels or a hose bridge for special use.

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