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Backstage passes help you to organise the access to backstage areas at concerts, film productions, sporting and other events. In the shop of allbuyone you can order backstage passes in various sizes, made of plastic with holes to attach lanyards or self-adhesive passes attachable to clothing. One or double sided printed and laminated - for better protection in everyday life on tour and at the event.

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Backstage Pass Laminated - Small (61 x 93 mm)
backstage pass laminated small
from €2.02*/Piece
Design/ Version
Backstage Pass Laminated - Medium (DIN A7)
VIP Pass
from €2.02*/Piece
Design/ Version
Backstage Pass Laminated - Large (DIN A6)
Backstage Pass
from €2.08*/Piece
Design/ Version
Plastic ID Holder Landscape
Plastic ID holder
€25.59*/Bundle €0.51*/1 Piece
Plastic Card Holder Portrait
Plastic card holder
€26.18*/Bundle €0.52*/1 Piece
Plastic Card Holders Medium Size
Plastic card holders
€29.16*/Bundle €0.58*/1 Piece
Self-Adhesive ID Card Holder
Self-adhesive ID card holder
from €32.50*/Bundle €0.33*/1 Piece
Lamination Film For Backstage Passes
Lamination film
from €19.90*/Bundle €0.20*/1 Piece
ID Clip
ID clip
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